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50% skill books only have a 50% chance of working and are scary for a lot of people to use because some of those 50% skill books cost over 300 mil. in a visual way, it looks like this base skill 0/ being the max sp you can put into it.
mastery is your overall skill with a weapon. it raises your minimum damage so your attacks do more consistent damage and raises your maximum damage to a lesser extent. in addition to that, the skill itself also raises your accuracy slightly.
cannot be traded, and must be used within 7 days; legendary cryptic chest, which contains: mastery box ( x8) : untradeable. open to choose from spell trace ( x500), mastery book 20, or mastery book 30; frozen hat: untradeable. str/ dex/ int/ luk + 23, maxhp/ maxmp + 270, weapon att/ magic att + 1, defense + 293.
upgrades available: 10. no more worrying about expensive books! : d * * you get to choose which book it' s not random.
they have a 100% success rate! * * don' t forget to leave feedback in any of the various ways ( ex.
the following dual blade mastery books can no longer be used; [ mastery book] tornado spin 20 [ mastery book] monster bomb 30 [ special mastery book] monster bomb 30 exchange the above mastery books through the maple administrator npc. all dual blades can receive an exclusive shadow owl mount following their 4th job advancement. a mastery book is a drop from a high level monster that will give you 10 more skill points to add to that respective skill.
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